Eco-Friendly Coating Solutions

Our coatings are environmentally friendly, odourless, 100% VOC-free and water-based. Our coatings are engineered to prevent liquid passage on decks and foundations, even against significant hydrostatic pressure. The end result is a surface that is fully protected from water and other liquid penetration.

Water Proofing

Our coatings offer superior resistance to hydrostatic pressure and can span settling cracks in foundations, remaining elastic at low temperatures, ensuring a well-performing seal for years to come. It also works for between-slab applications and blindside waterproofing.
Roofing Application of roofing coating after prep work


Our roof coatings can withstand stresses and movement caused by changing temperatures, weight of ice and snow, and are resistant to UV rays, all of which would crack a traditional roofing paint over time.
Air Barrier (4)

Air Barrier

Our specialized coating can be liquid-applied to form a seamless airtight barrier to prevent air leakage and moisture penetration. When applied to a foundation, the coating helps to reduce radon emission and is also compliant with the American Air Barrier Association (AABA).
Pipe Line Corrosion protection

Corrosion Protection

Whether you want to prevent corrosion or stop corrosion after it has started, our coatings can be applied to tanks, buildings, pipelines and other equipment. Coatings are quick to apply and cure within 1-2 days, halting corrosion in its tracks.
match fireproof


Primarily intended for wood, our products create a barrier between fire and flammable materials, preventing the production of smoke. The coating also prevents intrusion by insects, fungus and other bacteria, all while being non-toxic and odourless.
Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment

Coatings can be applied to equipment to protect against corrosion, water, UV rays and more. The spray-coating is easily applied and also adds a clean aesthetic look to machinery.

Spray Applied: What We Do

We believe we can all have better-sealed infrastructure. We offer a cost-effective solution with manufacture warranty.

Our specialty products make it easier and more affordable to have well-sealed roofs, foundations and other equipment, no matter the material. With 10+ years of roofing experience, we make sure the spray-applied coating is done right.

Our instant-setting elastomer-modified asphalt emulsion coatings are a significant advancement over traditional asphalt-based waterproofing membranes and solvent-based spray-applied coatings. All while being safe for the workplace and the environment.

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We use nothing but the best, eco-friendly products that are made to last.



We stand behind our work and are there to support you and your coating needs, no matter the complexity.



Utilizing new coating technology, together we can bring roofs, foundations and other surfaces into the 21st century.



Our team has 10+ years of experience on the job and is fully licensed and insured in case of any accidents.

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Spray Applied Roofing and Waterproofing Ltd. was founded by Scott Cosgrove and Francois Beauregard who have been doing business together for more than 10 years. This joint venture is the perfect opportunity to use the vast expertise they both have to provide a product and service that exceeds the industry standard.
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Scott Cosgrove


Scott owns and operates a spray foam company and has been providing the latest and greatest spray products to customers for many years.
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Francois Beauregard


Francois owns and operates a roofing and exterior company and has been setting the standard for service and quality for more than 10 years.

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